Teeth Whitening

Teeth WhiteningBrighter Teeth Give You a New Reason to Smile

Our Scottsdale teeth whitening is a safe way to naturally boost your smile’s appearance without having any irreversible dental work done. If you’ve wanted a smile makeover but want to try a more conservative approach first, then brightening your tooth enamel with KöR or Ultradent Opalescence whitening is an excellent option.

In fact, Dr. Lernor often recommends whitening your teeth before starting any other major dental work on your front teeth, so that future restorations can be matched to your new tooth color.

Better Results with Professional Teeth Whitening Treatments

Anyone can use an over the counter teeth whitening treatment, but product sold at the supermarket use lower concentrations of ingredients, making them much weaker than the professional grade gels preferred by Dr. Lernor. As such, they don’t work as well and take longer to remove stains.

Our Scottsdale teeth whitening treatments use KöR products and Opalescence products, for predictably fast results that whiten your teeth better than any product sold in stores.

Instead of buying three or four DIY whitening kits online or in the supermarket, you can have whiter teeth in less time by scheduling an appointment at Lernor Family Dental.

Benefits of Investing in Cosmetic Teeth Whitening

  • When you feel comfortable about the way your teeth look, you’ll be more confident sharing your smile in social settings.
  • Make a great first impression when it really counts. Surveys show that people with beautiful smiles are more likely to do well in job interviews and make more friends.
  • Take years off of your smile’s appearance, by erasing dark stains that have built up over time.

Teeth Whitening in Scottsdale, AZ

Depending on your preferences, you can choose to whiten your teeth in one of two ways:

Same Day Whitening — Chairside KöR whitening takes only one appointment to complete. After polishing away any stain particles, we’ll apply KöR gel to the visible part of your smile and use a special light to activate the oxidation of stain particles. Then the gel is rinsed away and reapplied. After repeating this process 2-3 times, you’ll see significantly brighter teeth in only about an hour.

Take Home Professional Whitening Kits — Unlike an over the counter tray or strip, our custom made whitening trays keep Opalescence gel against all of the unique curves of your teeth. Wear your trays an hour a day for 10-14 days for full results. You’ll start to see a significant difference just a few days into your treatment. Plus, the results are very easy to maintain. We recommend touching up your whitening for a few days, every 4-6 months (after your checkup and cleaning is the perfect time.)

Feel Great About How Your Teeth Look

Lernor Family Dental offers customized teeth whitening treatments to meet the needs of our patients. Whether you’re a professional, a teen, or have sensitive teeth, we’ll help you find a solution to brighten your smile for that next portrait or just in time for an important upcoming event. Contact our Scottsdale office today to schedule a consultation!

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