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Lernor_Oral-ExamYour Comprehensive Oral Assessment Exam

As part of your new patient evaluation, Dr. Lernor performs an oral health physical to fully evaluate the soft and hard tissues that make up your smile and the orofacial anatomy surrounding it. The more thorough we are, the better we can make recommendations regarding the future health of your teeth and gums.

What’s Involved in the Baseline Exam?

During your comprehensive dental exam, we’ll assess 35 different aspects of your smile. Some of the major areas that Dr. Lernor will be evaluating include:

  • Missing teeth
  • Charting of all past dental work that has been completed
  • Gum health exam (probing) to assess possible soft tissue and bone disease around each tooth, which could impact future tooth loss
  • An orthodontic evaluation
  • Initial assessment of the TMJ, including range of motion and deviation within the joint
  • Oral cancer examination to screen for pathological and pre-cancerous tissue in and around the mouth
  • Examining the integrity of existing dental work and assessment of healthy tooth structure to diagnose new decay
  • Review of your home oral hygiene routine and how it is impacting the current health of your teeth and gums

Will I Need Dental X-rays?

As thoroughly as Dr. Lernor examines your teeth, there will always be some areas that aren’t visible during a visual assessment. We use low-radiation digital radiography to capture images of the spaces between, inside, and around your teeth for the most comprehensive examination possible.

Digital X-rays allow Dr. Lernor to assess:

  • Bone height and density
  • Developmental irregularities or atypical anatomy
  • Infections in and around the roots of teeth
  • Tooth decay
  • Orthodontic concerns
  • Treatment recommendations
  • Suitability for restorative therapies such as dental implants
  • Trauma and disease

How frequently x-rays are taken will depend on your oral health risks, past concerns, and the treatment being discussed. In most cases, we take a panoramic or full mouth series of radiographs during every comprehensive oral examination (every 3-5 years) with limited x-rays on an annual basis at alternating dental checkups.

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Dr. Lernor feels that your comprehensive patient assessment shouldn’t be rushed. We ask that you reserve about an hour of your time for this thorough examination process. The more we understand your unique smile, the better we can care for your individual oral health needs and concerns.

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