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Missing teeth can affect everything from your social life to your self-esteem. Whether you’re looking to add youthful fullness back to your facial profile by replacing missing teeth, or need to find a better way to eat a balanced diet, our full and partial dentures can help.

Full Denture Options

If you’ve come to a point in your life where you need to replace all of your teeth and start over, our customized dentures assist you in restoring both your smile’s purpose and its appearance.

Sometimes called a “plate,” our dentures are designed to fit over your upper or lower jaw, replacing all of those teeth in a single prosthesis. We pay close attention to ensure that each one is designed in a way that fits as comfortably and securely as possible.

Our denture treatments are ideal if you’re looking to restore your smile after:

  • Advanced gum disease
  • Having all or most of your teeth removed
  • Severe tooth decay/cavities throughout your mouth
  • Emergencies or trauma to your teeth

…or just a faster, more affordable, efficient alternative to other types of tooth replacement therapy.

Custom Partial Dentures

When possible, Dr. Lernor prefers to help you maintain the health of any natural teeth you still have. If several teeth are missing, a partial denture:

  • Makes it possible to replace multiple teeth, without extracting the others
  • Can be designed to fit your unique situation
  • Adds confidence and function back to your smile
  • Is an affordable alternative over more permanent types of restorations
  • May be the best choice for when a fixed bridge or dental implants aren’t appropriate

Implant Supported Denture Options

Dr. Lernor can work with you to arrange options that enable you to have your new denture affixed to a set of dental implants. With implant secured overdentures, you can enjoy a more streamlined prosthesis that fits securely in place, giving you added confidence to take on whatever the day holds in store.

Affordable Dentures in Scottsdale

During your denture consultation, we’ll discuss options like what color, shape, and size you want your new teeth to look like. If you’ve worn dentures before, you’ll also be able to share your likes or dislikes for previous treatments, so that we can better adjust your experience to fit your expectations.

Which denture is right for you? Call Lernor Family Dental at 602-483-4112 today or schedule a consultation online so you can come visit our Scottsdale office to discuss your dental needs.

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