Is the Cost of Dental Implants in Scottsdale Worth It?

Have you been weighing your options when it comes to replacing your missing teeth? Perhaps you want to trade in your partial denture for something more permanent. You may be looking for a new dentist who can help. Or perhaps you’re wondering about the cost of dental implants in Scottsdale. Will the final price tag be worth it? The truth is that the cost of dental implants is the reason that holds most people back from getting them in the first place. It’s no secret that implants are a bigger investment than getting a new denture. But some large investments are worth it, are they not? By definition, worth means: good or important enough to be justified. In this case, how does the value of your dollar measure up against what an implant can do for your smile? To help you decide if the cost of dental implants is worth it to your long-term smile and budget, we’ll give you just the facts… What Is a Dental Implant? An implant replaces a missing tooth. It’s a sterile, medical grade, titanium post that’s surgically placed within the bone to mimic the function of a natural tooth root. It serves as an anchor to the prosthetic (crown, bridge, or denture) that’s attached to it. Who Should Consider Getting an Implant? Dental implants work great for anyone with:

  • Cracked or broken teeth that need to be extracted
  • An abscessed tooth that couldn’t be fixed, even by a specialist
  • Trauma to the tooth or nerve, caused by being hit in the mouth or falling
  • Loss of teeth caused due to oral cancer or tumors
  • Born without a permanent tooth (yes, this is really a thing!)
  • Loose dentures that fall out of your mouth: Not to replace your teeth, but to help hold your denture in place*

(*As few as two implants can be a life-changing experience. The appliance will snap into place and fit securely. You’ll be able to wear your denture all day and even eat with it in!)Are There Other Alternatives? There are several ways to replace missing teeth. Some options include wearing a removable device like a flipper, partial, or denture. This method isn’t very appealing to most patients, aside from how affordable it is. If you’re only missing one single tooth, it can seem a bit excessive. Another method to replace teeth is with a traditional bridge. This restoration affects the teeth that are on either side of the one that needs to be replaced. In order to fill in the space of just one tooth, the our will have to file down the adjacent natural teeth. This isn’t preferred if they’re healthy, virgin teeth. But dental implants are permanent, fixed, don’t affect any other teeth, and can potentially last the rest of your lifetime. Compared to other types of restoration, the value of dental implants practically pays for itself over the years yet to come. What Does the Dental Implant Process Involve? Getting an implant is considered very minor dental surgery and your dentist will treat it as such. First, you’ll first need to go in for a consultation to determine whether you’re a candidate for implants. A 3-D cat scan will be taken so that the bone can be measured to ensure there’s enough room for the implant. If you’re given the clear, you’re free to schedule the placement with our Scottsdale implant dentist. We may need a custom-made surgical guide from the manufacturer, which can improve the efficiency and comfort of your placement. On the big day, the process may seem pretty straightforward and simpler than having a tooth pulled. The right implant dentist will have specific training and extra resources to ensure a successful and predictable appointment. You’ll be back and home resting before you know it. What Happens After Initial Placement? Placing your implant is only the beginning. Now it’s time to recover and for new bone to fuse with the artificial root. Typically, you’re looking at 4 - 6 months from start to finish. Once the implant has been installed, most of time is spent waiting on your body to integrate around it. This is not a painful process, it’s just slow and your patience will be required! During this period, new bone will form and fuse to the implant, which is what keeps it in place. We’ll keep a close eye on your bone and ensure that everything is on track. Once we determine that your implant is stable, a new “tooth” (crown, bridge, or denture) will be made and fitted in place. Essentially, the step-by-step process of getting an implant is reflected in the overall cost (which varies from person to person):

  • The implant, surgical guide, and other mechanical parts must be purchased. The dental practice will calculate the cost of these parts, as well as any lab fees incurred from getting the prosthetic made, into the treatment plan.
  • Any surgical procedure that required your dentist to have extra schooling and training in the type of implant you’re getting.
  • If process requires multiple visits to the office over a period of several months. The dentist needs to be paid for their time and overhead expenses related to your time in the office.
  • An implant is a permanent restoration that can potentially last the rest of your life. Take the total cost, divide it up by the number of years you expect to have your implant and compare it to getting a new bridge or partial every 5-10 years. It actually costs less!

The average cost of a dental implant, abutment, and crown in the United States is $4,000. Of course, the final price will vary based on where you live, the number of teeth missing, and any adjunctive services necessary. Visit Lernor Family Dental and you’ll see that it’s possible to have high quality, competitively priced, dental implants in Scottsdale. At your consultation, we’ll address all of your concerns and give you our best recommendation along with a customized treatment plan. We’ll let you know all the costs involved and review available financing options. Call today to get started!


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