Most Popular Cosmetic Dentistry Procedures in Phoenix

Investing in your smile is a great way to put your best face forward each day. Cosmetic dentistry procedures in Phoenix provide our patients with a newfound self-confidence and the freedom to be themselves, without hiding aesthetic flaws when it’s time to laugh at a joke, pose for a selfie, or finally present that big report before your executive team. If you’re looking into cosmetic dentistry procedures in Phoenix, Lernor Family Dental offers comprehensive smile makeover solutions made to fit your lifestyle. Depending on your immediate needs, future goals, and budget, we can curate a plan that incorporates a combination of various aesthetic techniques to help you achieve the results you have in mind. 

Find the Right Combination for You

While not every type of cosmetic dental treatment is right for everyone, most of the time our patients have more choices than they realize. Here are a few of the most effective and dramatic treatments to consider when it’s time for your consultation with our cosmetic dentist in Scottsdale, Arizona: Teeth Whitening — Professional teeth whitening helps to brighten healthy tooth enamel and remove deep stains. It’s ideal as a standalone smile makeover or in conjunction with other types of cosmetic treatments. In fact, many cosmetic dentists recommend whitening your teeth first, so that future restorations can be made to match your whiter tooth enamel (ceramic dental work cannot be whitened at a later time.) With a professional grade whitening treatment, you can expect faster and more effective results than any product sold over the counter. Products can also be adjusted or applied in different ways to help you get the outcome you’re looking for without unnecessary tooth sensitivity. Porcelain Veneers — Dental veneers are the epitome of aesthetic dental treatments, instantly changing the way your smile looks from the outside. Each veneer masks the tooth behind it. When placed in sets of six or more, veneers can make your overall smile look straighter, whiter, and properly sized. The number of veneers you need will depend on how many teeth are visible when you smile. Some of our patients prefer to place veneers on their lower teeth as well. Composite Bonding — Minor imperfections or chips in your teeth can significantly detract from the appearance of your overall smile. Composite bonding is a non-invasive and conservative solution for covering mild to moderate flaws. The tooth colored material is matched to the enamel and then shaped over the gap or chip, making the tooth appear whole again. Having a tooth bonded is very quick and simple. In most cases numbing isn’t even necessary. Tooth and Gum Recontouring — Uneven teeth, gumlines, or “gummy” smiles can make teeth look misshaped or unhealthy. Recontouring provides fast and dramatic results to create the perfect frame or final touches on your smile. Adjusting your gumlines or uneven enamel helps teeth appear fuller and more uniform. Injectables and Dermal Fillers — A cosmetic dentist is a great resource when it comes to addressing issues like fine lines and wrinkles around the mouth and across your face. Cosmetic injectables can also help with TMJ disorder and chronic bruxism or migraines. In fact, when placed under the upper lip, products such as Botox can relax the muscles to lessen the appearance of gummy smiles. Ceramic Crowns and Bridges — Having to restore areas of tooth decay, fractures, or missing teeth doesn’t mean sacrificing beauty for function. A cosmetic dentist will incorporate high quality restorative materials to repair and protect teeth, so that your smile is both beautiful and strong. Crowns are a great alternative if you’re considering veneers, but your teeth are not healthy enough due to existing wear or decay. Dental Implants — Implants are a long-lasting option for individuals that need to replace missing teeth. They also help to support your facial profile (including bone, cheeks, and lips) the way natural teeth do. Your new implants can support a variety of restorations, including crowns and bridges. Orthodontics — Short term or comprehensive orthodontics help teeth to appear more beautiful while also boosting your overall oral health. Adults can choose between options like removable Invisalign aligners or tooth colored ceramic orthodontics that blend in with your smile. If you’re an Invisalign patient, you can also whiten your teeth at the same time. For individuals that only want to straighten a few teeth at the front of their smile (where misalignment is more noticeable,) it may be possible to complete accelerated treatment in as little as 3-6 months.

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