Most Common Types of Dental Restoration [Restorative Dentist 85254]

If you have upcoming dental work and are in need of a restorative dentist, 85254 zip code residents and their families can find high-quality care at Lernor Family Dental. Our Phoenix dentist provides several comprehensive, advanced types of dental restorations for all oral health needs. Here are some of the most common procedures a restorative dentist [85254] like Dr. Lernor provides in his or her practice: White Dental Fillings — Minimally invasive composite fillings help to preserve the maximum amount of healthy tooth structure possible, because less tooth preparation is needed during your treatment. Only the damaged and decayed areas are removed, as the material can bond tightly against your enamel and does not need to be wedged into place like a silver filling. Ceramic Crowns — Durable porcelain crowns help to protect teeth with significant structural damage. Some people refer to crowns as “caps” because of how they cover the entire tooth up to the gumline. A typical crown takes about two appointments to complete unless in-house milling equipment is available for a single visit treatment. Porcelain Bridges — Bridges look like several crowns that are fused together, usually 3-4 in length. They’re used to span the gap left behind by missing or extracted teeth. A bridge can be bonded over a pair of healthy teeth or set of dental implants. Dental Implants — Implants are the next best thing to having natural teeth all over again. The biocompatible design mimics that of real teeth, preserving bone health and tooth alignment throughout the mouth. They can be used for replacing single, multiple, or all of the teeth, as they’re capable of supporting a wide variety of dental restorations (including dentures.) Inlays and Onlays — Smaller than crowns but larger than fillings, inlays and onlays are lab-made restorations (sometimes called “three-quarter crowns”) that provide a middle-of-the-road restoration when a tooth has moderate decay or fractures. Amalgam Fillings — Traditional silver dental fillings are useful in areas where decay is very large or if the tooth is difficult to get dry during treatment. They are extremely durable and can last as long as 20 years in some cases. Composite Bonding — A chipped front tooth is hard to fill, because of how it’s positioned and the location of the fracture. Fortunately, bonding the tooth can help to “re-build” the area, so to speak, minimizing any discomfort and masking the visible flaw. What About Cosmetic Treatment? Aesthetic procedures such as cosmetic veneers (or dental bonding in some cases) are regarded as elective procedures, rather than ones used to restore the function and structure of a tooth. As such, they’re considered cosmetic in nature, as opposed to restorative. Fortunately, most of the restorations that we offer can be made using cosmetic dental techniques, thus enhancing both the appearance and health of your teeth. Other Types of Common Dental Treatments Because restorative dentistry is meant to repair and treat areas with active decay or damage, there are other types of common dental treatments that may not be considered “restorative.” A few examples include tooth extractions (including wisdom tooth removal,) dental cleanings, gum disease therapy, dentures, soft tissue grafting, root canals, etc. Yet, they all play an integral part of the treatment you receive. Planning Your Treatment: What to Expect At Lernor Family Dental, every restorative case begins with a comprehensive exam and any appropriate X-rays (for diagnostic purposes.) Once we’ve gathered all of the information that we need, we can discuss which options are available for the specific teeth in question. It may be that you have a couple of different types of restorations to consider. After we’ve discussed the best options for your smile, we’ll curate a customized restorative treatment plan that outlines the specific procedures, number of appointments, length of visits, and how your dental insurance is expected to handle the procedures that are needed. We’ll also discuss all of the resources available to help you feel as comfortable as possible, including any light sedatives if need be. Call Our Scottsdale Restorative Dentist [85254] Today You may be asking yourself, "How can I find the best Phoenix AZ dentist near me?" Call Lernor Family Dental today! New patients are always welcome, and we provide a wide variety of both restorative and cosmetic dental restorations to choose from.


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