How to Know if You Have Tooth Decay and What to do Next

Cavities are one of the most common reasons why people call our Scottsdale dentist office. Perhaps you have an obvious area of tooth decay, or you just suspect that one is starting to develop. Because cavities can feel different to different people, here are a few of the most common signs to watch out for:

Sensitivity to Sweets

Your favorite coffee creamer, sports drink, or even an after-dinner dessert could send a jolting pain through the side of your mouth. If it does, it’s a red flag for a cavity.

Pain When Biting Down on Something

Does your tooth only seem to feel sore when you’re putting pressure on it? Get it checked before the sensation gets worse. It could be something more severe, like a cracked tooth or gum disease.

Food Getting Caught

Cavities are open holes in your tooth enamel. As such, it makes sense why food can get caught during meals. If you’re reaching for the floss every time you eat, you need to have your tooth checked. It could just be that an old filling is starting to wear out.

Feeling a Rough Edge

Your tongue is one of the most sensitive parts of your entire body. It can feel even the smallest of changes in your teeth. Run it across your smile; do you notice one tooth that doesn’t feel like the others? Let us know!

Something Feeling “Off” About Your Tooth

Not every cavity hurts. In fact, some of them don’t have obvious symptoms at all. You may just have a feeling that something is “off” because it doesn’t seem to be the same as it used to…it could be an area of tooth decay.

Get an Accurate Diagnosis

Whether you think you have a cavity or not, there’s not a true way to know how extensive the damage is (or isn’t) unless you see your dentist. At Lernor Family Dental, the first thing we will do is take a digital X-ray of your tooth. Then, Dr. Lernor will step in to examine the tooth and read your X-ray. If the cavity is small enough, we’ll suggest a filling and recommend various preventative steps to keep the decay from spreading elsewhere. But if the cavity is larger, you might need a crown and root canal.

Treat Tooth Decay Early

Cavities are caused by bacteria. Without early treatment, they can quickly grow and spread throughout your mouth. It’s better for your teeth (and your budget) to treat them when they’re as small as possible. Thanks to regular checkups, Dr. Lernor is able to pinpoint risk factors for tooth decay to help you lower your cavity risk before it starts. But if one does catch you off guard, we offer small white fillings to repair the area before it gets even worse. Searching for the best dentist in 85254? Call (602) 483-4112 to schedule your exam with Lernor Family Dental for honest care you can trust.


Are you experiencing pain, sensitivity, or other tell-tale signs of a possible cavity? Contact Dr. Lernor, the best dentist in 85254 and surrounding  areas. Call us at 602-483-4112 or request an appointment to take care of that tooth decay before the problem gets worse.